Cybersecurity Challenges in State and Local Governments


There’s an old proverb that says a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Imagine a metal chain pulled from end-to-end. If each link can sustain a significant force, then the entire group is strong. But if just one link breaks, then the whole structure is considered weak. Now imagine if this chain held together your IT infrastructure.

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The Votes are Counted. Big Data Takes Top Spot


Election season is well underway and campaigns are rapidly accelerating data analysis efforts to identify voter preferences and win new votes. And while Big Data on the campaign trail is grabbing all the headlines, this strategic insight is even more important in the business sector.

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Moving to a More Efficient Cybersecurity Strategy


CenturyLink helps hundreds of businesses and government agencies manage their cybersecurity programs. In the process, we have noticed a consistent theme: Even well-trained, thoughtful security professionals can occasionally miss the big picture. In particular, there can be an instinct to spread defenses too thin. As we note in our new white paper, Moving to a More Efficient Cybersecurity Strategy, this approach leads to uncessary risk exposure. To quote the famous military commander, Frederick the Great, “He who defends everything defends nothing.”

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Be Alert: Anticipating the Next Big IT Threat


It could happen in an instant. The next cybersecurity breach is just around the corner – and it’s going to be big. According to IDC, roughly one-fourth of the world’s population will be impacted by a security event before the end of this decade. That’s about 1.5 billion people. Clearly, there’s a lot on the line – and organizations must be prepared.

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Welcome To The IoT — Please Check Your Security At The Door


How often do you think about the electric motors in your life? Not much, I suspect, but you’re surrounded by thousands of them. They’re in your home, moving air and water around. They’re in your car, your office building, making printers put images onto paper and elevators and garage doors go up and down. A century ago, they were a marvel of technology. Today, we barely even notice their existence, despite the fact they are everywhere. The same thing is now happening with Internet-connected smart devices and wearables.

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The CISO’s Role in Defending Against Cybersecurity Litigation


CISOs play a starring role in lawsuits that arise in the wake of data breaches. Though not new, these suits have become more financially significant as the scale of cybersecurity incidents has grown. It’s one thing to have a few records stolen by a lone wolf hacker. It’s quite another to see tens of millions customer credit card numbers exposed by a multinational criminal organization. People get scared in these situations. They sue. If you’re a CISO, you stand on the front line of legal defense. This article explores the background of this issue and suggests some ways to prepare for testifying in court.

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Join us: Cyber Security Summit L.A.


Today’s IT executives have more to worry about than ever before.  As cyber criminals become more aggressive, IT execs must ensure that their security strategies are rock-solid now, so the business can attack whatever hackers may throw at them in the future.  

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Keep your Branch Office Risks in Check

Abstract security digital technology background. Illustration Vector

Branch data networks are critical to the function of many enterprises. However, the security risks posed by wide area networks is increasing as internet use and cloud application access expands from branch locations. With news of Yahoo, Kimpton Hotels, Dropbox and even the DNC networks being hacked, the stakes are being raised on network security. The frequency of security breaches only makes it more critical for businesses of all sizes to ensure the necessary precautions are taken to protect critical business and customer data at every access point – including at vulnerable remote locations.

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