Don’t Run A 21st Century Business With 20th Century Phones


How old is your company’s phone system? It may be relatively new, perhaps installed within the last 10 years, but the basic technology powering the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) found in many American companies, is entering its fifth decade. In other words, a PBX was in use at the White House when President Nixon wanted to talk on his “Red Phone” with world leaders. If you’re too young to get this reference, then you’ll understand just how out of date your businesses phone system is.

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Business Continuity Planning: Six Things to Consider


A serious outage generates business costs way beyond the data center. If you could truly quantify what happens when your business goes down, you would need to factor in lost productivity and damaged customer relationships. And, will your business lose its reputation in the process?

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A Journey Like No Other: Reaching The Cloud Can — And Should — Take Many Paths


There is no such thing as the cloud. Rather, there are many clouds — public, private and intricate combinations of the two. Consequently, simply shifting all IT systems to a public or private cloud may not enable a company to achieve its business goals. But an alternative might.

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Do You Know What You Want from Your Infrastructure? A Question for VMworld 2016


John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”) once famously sang, “Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it.” Is it me, or does this lyric remind you of the day-to-day challenges of running infrastructure in this evolving cloud era? Yes, the data center looks very neat, with all its nice, orderly rows of racks and clipped cables, but under the surface, it can feel like a punk rock concert run amok.

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Cloud and SDN: Better Together


Today companies must change to not only keep up with the competition, but to address the increased velocity that business demands.

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Partnering with IT to Find the “Data” in “Data-driven Culture”

3D illuminated distorted sphere of glowing particles and wireframe. Futuristic vector illustration. HUD element. Technology digital splash or explosion concept

We hear many things today about the data-driven culture. What does it mean for the average enterprise? Being a data-driven culture means using data in new ways to attain better operational results and strategic insights. It means digging deeper into data and employing it more thoroughly across work processes. If your organization is like most, you are probably on your way toward becoming a data-driven culture or thinking about getting started on that path.

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The Quest for Data: Engineering a Modernized Infrastructure


Throughout history, some of the best discoveries and innovations have emerged from modernization. From locomotives that travel at unmatched speeds or rockets exploring the deepest regions of space – success is built on a quest to evolve antiquated techniques for the new age. And it’s happening again now across today’s data infrastructures.

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SD-WAN for Distributed Enterprises: Join CenturyLink and Network World at an Event Near You.


SD-WAN makes deploying and managing wide area networks (WANs) easier and more efficient by enabling greater network agility. That’s just one of the reasons why almost half of enterprises are planning to migrate to SD-WAN in the next 24 months, according to IDC.

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