10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Techie at Heart

valentinetech2014It’s often the case that those who love technology, love new gadgets — and love showing them off and putting them to use, especially at the office.

That can mean challenges for business and IT leaders, who must be prepared for even more BYOD than they’re already seeing. But it can also mean opportunity, as early adopters often help companies take advantage of technology and new devices to achieve greater efficiency and other benefits.

For these early adopters, the official holiday of love is a chance to get and give the top new tech toys. Let’s take a look at some of the trends your tech-loving Valentine is sure to appreciate:

  1. Epic Keyboard: This device is perfect for traveling with a tablet or just a phone because it projects a keyboard onto any flat surface using only a Bluetooth connection.
  2. Digital Plant Monitor: This waterproof device tests soil moisture, temperature, sunlight, and how much fertilizer your plant needs to help keep it alive. It connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  3. WeMo Light Switch: This low-cost, easy-to-install light switch allows you control your lights when you aren’t home, using your smartphone.
  4. Pebble Smartwatch: Though the smartwatch market is still in its early stages, the Pebble has established itself as the frontrunner in the category. It lets you receive notifications from your iPhone or Android without taking the phone out of your pocket.
  5. QR Code Jewelry: Who says QR codes have to be confined to informational or advertising purposes? This customizable necklace charm tells your recipient just how much you love them (and love tech).
  6. Wi-Fi Cufflinks: These cufflinks aren’t just attractive; they serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot and even have 2GB of space for saving documents on the go.
  7. Thumbs Up Touch Boom Box: This no-fuss speaker is completely wireless and compatible with most smartphones.
  8. SCVNGR: This app lets you create and design a personal scavenger hunt. Have your Valentine find a dozen roses where you first met or get a bottle of wine from the restaurant of your first date.
  9. Notification Jewelry: A partnership between mobile tech company CSR and boutique jeweler Cellini has taken “wearable tech” to a new level with light-up engagement rings, Bluetooth earrings, and necklaces that give notifications when the wearer has a new message or email.
  10. Bluetooth Beanie: This hat has two dual dynamic sound speakers hidden inside its fabric alongside a tiny covert microphone, letting wearers listen to music or even take calls.

What other popular devices or trends do you expect to give or receive this Valentine’s Day?

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