Are You Ready for Interop 2012?

Reservations have been made and plans for networking are being finalized. But the real question is: have you downloaded CenturyLink’s “get pumped for Interop” playlist?

As we get ready to make the trek to Las Vegas for Interop, we suggest getting familiar with the hot topics and sessions at the event. What can you expect?

Cloud computing: This year promises to bring a heavy focus on hybrid cloud topics. One panel, “Hybrid Cloud Integration,” will discuss how hybrid clouds are being used and explain the process of building out a cloud integration fabric across private clouds and into public clouds.

A notable adopter of hybrid cloud technology is the gaming company Zynga. Allan Leinwand, the company’s CTO of infrastructure is presenting a keynote this year, and his take based on his experience should be interesting

Wireless and mobility: When it comes to wireless and mobility, there will be much attention focused on mobility and the cloud, with notable panels such as “Mobility and the Cloud: Making the Marriage Work.” This talk will give information on using cloud-based IT techniques, virtualization, storage and applications.

Mobile devices are so widespread, they are adding complexity to enterprises’ infrastructure, and CIOs are evaluating how cloud solutions can help achieve the flexibility and prioritization that is important to new networks.

Security: Another topic that is always emphasized is security, and we expect a lot of attention to be paid to mobile devices and the BYOD phenomenon. One panel, “Software Security Risk Rises Along With Android,” will examine the challenges associated with securing mobile apps, how security efforts are taxed by consumerization, and how users can avoid the top Android threats.

When it comes to BYOD — which has become the norm for so many enterprises — the key issue is protecting valuable data. According to InfoWorld security adviser Roger Grimes, the way to do that is to prevent data from being collected or stored — transiently or permanently — on an unmanaged device.

What panels are you most looking forward to? What other tech topics do you expect to get plenty of buzz this year?

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