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Sapphire Sneak Peek: Simplifying Management, Ensuring Resiliency, Driving Innovation

At the foundation of business success is data. Some reports indicate as much as 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced each and every day. It’s how companies leverage this information that determines success.


Data Lakes and Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is the dental floss of the IT world. It’s the responsible, grown up thing that you know is good for you even if it hurts sometimes.  MDM refers to a combination of processes and technologies that … Read more…


Ready or Not: Here Comes SDN

Once considered as a long-term goal, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is now an essential component of modern-day IT infrastructures – dramatically accelerating organizational agility, flexibility, and innovation. While initially successful in the telecom and service provider industries, the approach is ready … Read more…


DevOps: The Journey to Agility and Where to Get Started

Hidden in the transformative shift to Cloud computing is DevOps, arguably an even more high-impact trend. While the cloud revolutionizes infrastructure, DevOps brings profound changes to the way that the actual cloud-based code is developed and deployed. DevOps (a contraction … Read more…

Managed Services in the Age of Digital Transformation: Pivotal Cloud Foundry on CenturyLink Cloud

The business world has always relentlessly sought “sustainable competitive advantages”. Efficient supply chains, better manufacturing processes, and intellectual property have all had their moments. Today it’s “innovation” – innovation through custom software – that’s next wave of differentiation.  Why? Pivotal’s … Read more…

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The Odd Couple? Cloud Converges IT and the “C-Suite”

They come from two worlds, with individual perspectives. One is guided by revenue and market share – while the other leads with technology innovation. The pair is different, yet each is critical to driving business success. And as technologies like … Read more…


Migrate to the CenturyLink Cloud Platform for Free

We frequently see organizations that, for many reasons, are no longer a good fit for their original choice of cloud services provider. It’s not necessarily a knock on the provider’s platform, but companies grow and change, often finding what originally … Read more…


Data Lakes: Big Data Governance

In my previous blogs, I have discussed the advantages of data lakes and reservoirs. A data lake is an invaluable concept which not only provides a great deal of flexibility, but it can also lower costs in most business analytics … Read more…