Entertaining Change: Big Data and Cloud Transform Film Industry

We’ve been talking a lot about how Big Data and cloud computing are changing business, adding value through agility, mobility, and competitive advantages.

These benefits span industries, and one in particular is experiencing an evolution: the entertainment business. In celebration of recent award shows, let’s look at how these technologies are transforming the industry — even the awards themselves.

Entertainment and Big Data

  • Using Big Data research — including figures for the number of nominations, wins in other awards shows, and information from betting websites — analysts are able to predict the major award winners in advance of the ceremony.
  • Movie companies such as studios and distributors are using information gleaned from Big Data to make decisions on where and how to release their films more efficiently to increase sales.
  • And music execs are analyzing data to gain insight into listening habits and musical preferences to better understand consumers. For instance, data on song aspects, like tempo and pitch, are being analyzed to help some companies learn what sells. The analytics extends to the concert-going experience, too: Organizers can use data to make decisions on where to do shows and what artists to promote, and how to best promote the shows.

Cloud Computing and the Film Industry

What other ways do you see Big Data and cloud computing changing the entertainment industry? How have these technologies changed how you consume entertainment?

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