From Fad to Fundamental: The Evolving Applications of Tech Trends

dronestechWhat do you get when you cross 200-mph winds, thousands of bytes of data, and one unmanned aerial vehicle?

The perfect storm.

A recent Forbes article outlines the latest in hurricane forecasting technology: A three-foot disposable drone nicknamed “The Coyote” as part of the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s research initiative. This small but powerful bot will circumvent the storm, streaming a constant feed of data showcasing the way energy collects in the heart of a tempest.

Previously, hurricane hunters gathered information from the core of the storm, but were unable to predict where it would land. Now, thanks to drones and the big data they collect, researchers can serve as “pre-first responders who can share critical data about the strength of the storm while it’s still out to sea.” That means more lead time to plan evacuations—and a greater chance to get civilians to safety.

Increased utilization of drones and other emerging technologies highlight an important point in today’s changing business landscape: That in order to stay competitive, leaders must constantly innovate and re-imagine new applications for technology—and the data they generate—in any given field.

For example, IT leaders leverage the information entertainment heavyweight Netflix has gathered from its 30 million subscribers. Through careful evaluation of data, enterprises are able to piece together a clearer picture of audience members, learning behaviors and interests that can be applied to settings beyond simple media consumption.

How has big data played an integral role to your organization? What trending technologies do you predict will have a significant impact on industries in the coming years?

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