IPv6 Mania: Why You Should Care

It seems like IPv6 is all the buzz lately but like many “hot” IT topics, you may be wondering: Do I need to pay attention now or is something to be aware of for down the road?

From our perspective, the time to pay attention to IPv6 is now. Here’s why:

IPv6 is the next-generation Internet Protocol address standard that’s been standing in the wings ready to replace the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use today. The primary difference between the protocols is that IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses compared to the 32-bit addresses used with IPv4. That means IPv6 can support approximately 340 undecillion addresses as compared to 4.3 billion for IPv4.


What does this mean to you? Simply put, IPv4 addresses are running out and you will have to support IPv6 to ensure your customers and partners will be able to interact with your content (website) and products and services over the Internet.

There are other benefits to IPv6 which include:

  • Improved security: While IPSec is available in some implementations of IPv4, it’s completely integrated into IPv6. Any computer running IPv6 will support IPSec encryption, regardless of the computer’s operating system. IPSec is a standard for privacy, integrity and authenticity so this will make Internet interactions more secure.
  • Simplified network addressing: IPv6 networks provide auto-configuration capabilities (SLAAC) whereas IPv4 networks must be configured manually or via DHCP. This will save time and reduce the opportunity for misconfigurations.   In an effort to build awareness about this issue, The Internet Society (ISOC) is hosting World IPv6 Day on June 8. Major Internet websites around the world, including Qwest Business are coming together to help businesses prepare for the transition.

IPv6 is coming. Fast. Will you be ready?

Are you concerned about the transition? What are you doing to prepare?

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