IT Providers Give Businesses Room to Innovate

Think, let others do.

When it comes to business IT, that outlook has become more prevalent. Because by letting others take care of the technology that drives business processes, business leaders are free to think: about the myriad ways they can innovate and add value to the business.

As businesses move more IT functions to providers, in-house talent can, according to Phil Fersht, principal of HfS Research, “add value to their organizations that are insightful to help base decisions; that are creative, which help try new ways of doing things, or targeting new markets; that are innovative, where their organizations can find entirely new ways of competing, or developing unique products or services.”

This idea was emphasized at this year’s WIRED BizCon. We spoke to a couple of business leaders after the event who explained that outsourcing IT infrastructure isn’t just about cost. It’s about letting them keep the focus on creating, innovating — and doing the strategic work that keeps their businesses moving forward.

John Avilla, chief creative officer at HyperRelevance in California, tells how his company moved all IT operations to a managed services provider. “If technology is not core to your business, you don’t need to develop that kind of in-house capability. There really are almost no reasons why you can’t go out to an outside company … and let them take care of the infrastructure you need,” Avilla says. “We concentrate on the core of our business: of creative strategy, of business strategy and implementation.”

For New York investor and entrepreneur Damion Hankejh, turning over IT functions to MSPs is simply smart business. “You need a company with a great reputation. You need assurances that you’re going to have a certain level of service available,” he says. “The difficulties with managing that infrastructure are offloaded, and the cost is a huge savings in more ways than one.”

What kinds of innovations has outsourcing IT operations made possible at your business?

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