Strata 2014: 6 “Don’t-miss Sessions,” to Further Your Tech Strategies

Developments in Big Data, and its implications on technology like data visualization, the Internet of Things, and wearables, come about every day. For business and technology leaders, it’s important to learn as much as possible about these trends to be able to make the best use of them and see the most gains in their organizations.

At the Strata conference next week, these and other important data technology topics will be front and center. The idea is to give participants a better understanding of how they can tap into the power Big Data for real-world business uses and results.

Let’s take a look at some of the themes and “don’t miss sessions,” highlighted at the conference that business and technology leaders will find particularly significant for cultivating strategy.

Data Visualization

Companies are producing and collecting massive amounts of data — and they must be analyzed if they are going to provide any value. Data visualization helps give businesses a better understanding of the data than just sets of raw numbers. Some of the ways to crunch the numbers for valuable information include Hierarchical Tree Maps, Link Charts, Graph Pattern Matching, 3D Visualizations, and Parallel Coordinate Plots.

Don’t-miss session: Information Visualization for Large-Scale Data Workflows

In this session, participants will learn about where in a workflow to employ data visualization, and, once committed to it, develop visualizations that suggest clear next steps.

Don’t-miss session: Superconductor: Scaling Charts with Design and GPUs

This talk will take a look at how core charts like heat maps and line graphs are being redesigned and optimized.

Connected Devices

The rising connection of devices to one another, to the Internet, and to us — appropriately called the “Internet of Things” — has big implications for business. The benefits include generating new services and revenue streams from assets, such as medical devices or industrial printers, and helping turn data produced into valuable information to make better decisions. But because this technology is still unfolding, businesses must also be mindful of the challenges, such as a lack of unified standards that can make scaling difficult.

Don’t-miss session: Building the Next Generation Data Architecture with Hadoop, Data Warehouse and Data Discovery Platform

This talk explores how to use data science to gain new insights for your business’ bottom line and how leading organizations are evolving their enterprise data architectures.

Don’t-miss session: Big Data for Big Power: Smart Meters ≠ Smart Grid

Learn in this discussion about the sophisticated sensors that continuously gather, visualize, and analyze data in real time, providing insights for preserving our aging energy assets and keeping the electricity flowing.

Emerging Technologies

The big data revolution is spurring innovation at a dramatic pace, driving advancements in everything from supply-chain efficiency and marketing analytics to wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Because this technology is still budding, apps, services and infrastructure models  have not yet been defined or universally established.

Don’t-miss session: Getting a Handle on Hadoop and its Potential to Catalyze a New Information Architecture Model

This session explores the big-data market dynamics driving the rise of Hadoop and other information architectures, with a look at the strategic significance of infrastructure core services – compute, storage, network and security – required for launching and maintaining robust big data solutions.

Don’t-miss session: Bedtime Stories: Learning from Sleep Data

This talk looks at how sleep data from wearable technology is being used to understand more about our bodies beyond what was possible with traditional studies, and in turn, improve quality of life.

What other panels and topics are you looking forward to learning more about to prepare your business for the next level when it comes to Big Data?

For updates and more information, follow the #StrataConf on Twitter or visit the CenturyLink Technology Solutions booth #900 at the conference.


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