Outdated phone system? Five Reasons it is Time for VoIP

Old TDM/PBX phone systems are, well, old. And they’re ill-equipped to handle the surge of next-generation communications features, an increasingly mobile workforce, and the fiscal and operational needs of today’s businesses. VoIP, on the other hand, offers higher performance standards, … Read more…

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Techie at Heart

It’s often the case that those who love technology, love new gadgets — and love showing them off and putting them to use, especially at the office.

That can mean challenges for business and IT leaders, who must be prepared for even more BYOD than they’re already seeing. But it can also mean opportunity, as early adopters often help companies take advantage of technology and new devices to achieve greater efficiency and other benefits.

For these early adopters, the official holiday of love is a chance to get and give the top new tech toys. Let’s take a look at some of the trends your tech-loving Valentine is sure to appreciate: Read more…

How to Factor Wearable Tech Into Your Company’s Future

It’s not news how BYOD has evolved from movement to mainstay in business. But what about BYOWD? That stands for Bring Your Own Wearable Device. And though it might not yet be an actual trend, it’s gaining momentum, as devices like Google Glass, the HC1 Headset, and Plantronics start becoming available — and may soon make their way into the business world for work use. Read more…

5 Top Tech Discussions at Interop 2013

The role of IT in business, IT security, Big Data, BYOD and cloud computing, and networking and applications were all important topics discussed among the thousands of IT professionals who made their way to New York for the annual Interop IT conference last week. A host of workshops, keynote speeches, and in-person discussions with technology leaders and innovators gave attendees plenty of technical information to bring back to the office. Read more…

More Mobile, More Apps: Is Your Business Ready?

We’ve known for a while now that mobility is a force in the enterprise — the rise of BYOD and app development are evidence. But the numbers are pointing to something even stronger: Mobility as a mainstay in business.

Consider that this year, U.S. adults will spend almost half of their overall media time — 43.6 percent — with digital. Of that time, 19.4 percent will be spent on mobile, compared with 19.2 percent on laptops and PCs,according to a July study by eMarketer. Read more…

Thriving With New Technology Starts With a Strong Network

In today’s business climate, the key to staying competitive — and thriving — is embracing and implementing new technology.

In fact, more than 40 percent of companies are upping their investments in technologies such as mobile, analytics, cloud, and social over the next two years, according to a recent IBM Tech Trends study. This growth shows why it’s so important for businesses to make sure their networks have the bandwidth speed needed for optimal performance.
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BYOD: From Fad to Business Necessity

As adoption becomes more widespread, Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is making the move from trend to business way of life: Workers enjoy the anytime, anywhere access that BYOD provides and companies benefit from the efficiency that this accessibility creates.

And BYOD isn’t just having an affect on the organizations that allow the use personal devices for business — it’s influencing the devices themselves. In fact, a recent Forbes.com article, “How BYOD Is Pushing BlackBerry Out,” got us thinking about why BYOD is partly responsible for the decline of some products, notably RIM’s BlackBerry, which was once the darling of the enterprise business world.

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Top Lessons Learned From Yesterday’s Tech

“Just slightly ahead of our time.”

That was the tagline for a 1987 commercial for a Panasonic VCR that, when viewed through a 2013 perspective, is both humorous and telling.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to technology, the past couple of decades have seen rapid advancement. And they will continue to evolve further and faster as we have discussed in our Business Technology 2020 ebook.

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