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Capitalizing on the Software-Defined Data Center

Agility, flexibility, efficiency, cost containment—some of the same high-level goals that spurred adoption of virtualization and public cloud services are now driving interest in the software-defined data center.

The Future of the Software-Defined Data Center: Thoughts from Dell Technologies World

Back in 2016, the major question diverse technology companies coalescing under the Dell Technologies umbrella was – how is that going to work?  With so many diverse characters and independent viewpoints, could it be woven together into an inspiring, harmonious … Read more…

Optimize Your Digital Transformation for Intelligent Analytics

A data center is essentially the brain of the business; all critical business applications ad information are housed there. So as enterprises become more complex with the expansion of Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud, they need to ensure that their Data Center Services have an intelligent … Read more…

The Right Cloud for Your Biggest Job

Carpenters travel with hammers, saws and other implements. Chefs work with a set of really sharp knives. Doctors are famous for carrying a little black bag full of life-saving gear. 

Is Your Aging Network Slowing Your Business Down?

Is your WAN slipping out of your control and slowing down your business? It’s a serious question and many network professionals know what I’m talking about. It’s time for the network to keep up with the rest of IT.

A Guide to Transforming Government IT

It is easy to see change as an event. Something happens and things are different, like you walked through a door into an entirely different environment. Government IT knows this type of change well. Change is predictable and has a … Read more…

Be Courageous… Best Decisions for a Digital Business

Acclaimed business consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision.” Industry leaders are challenged with endless decisions each and every day. None of them are easy, but the toughest choices … Read more…

How to Assess your Cloud Strategy

A successful IT strategy begins with the setting of technical and business objectives. So far in 2017, Forrester found 40 percent of 1,000-plus North American and European enterprise infrastructure technology decision-makers are building private clouds, with 33 percent procuring public … Read more…