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Challenged by Big Data? Ask the Experts

Twitter for SocialData is everywhere – from customer experience metrics and financial analytics to medical records and marketing information. The digital universe is exploding, with data flooding into organizations at unprecedented speeds. In the past, most information was easily translatable into databases for analysis. But today value also comes from unstructured information, which doesn’t fit very neatly into this format. This text heavy structure includes such things as e-mail, online shopping data, instant messages, and social media – much of which is often necessary to gain competitive advantage.

Given the speed at which data is being created, it’s sometimes impossible to keep pace. The Big Data industry is evolving so rapidly that many feel they don’t have time to do the research and incorporate new technologies. That’s why it’s critical to learn all you can from the experts – and time is of the essence. For many, Twitter is one of the most powerful business tools for getting up to speed quickly – to learn the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Big Data.

As an industry leader in Big Data solutions and services, CenturyLink is committed to helping customers solve their biggest IT and data challenges. We’d like to share the names of who our team considers some of the most informative experts on the topic of Big Data are on Twitter. While not an exhaustive list, these 10 Twitter experts are a great starting point. Add your favorite Big Data Twitter feed or Blog in the comments of this post. I’d love to hear what sources you find most informative.

–       @Merv:Helmed by Gartner Research Vice President Merv Adrian, this Twitter handle covers data transformation and extreme information processing. With discussions ranging from OPDMBS to music of the Talking Heads, his insight is always valuable.

–       @data_nerd: Ranked as one of the “25 Most Influential Women in Cloud 2015”, Carla Gentry is founder of Analytical Solution – and offers up hard data on both Cloud and Big Data. A well-respected speaker, she regularly focuses on leveraging information to increase ROI and gain competitive advantage.

–       @BigDataGal: A double threat as both a data scientist and a journalist, Lillian Pierson is author of “Data Science for Dummies”. She began her career working with DNA/RNA molecules and now explores the world of data science, analytics and Big Data. And who doesn’t love a person who has a business is based in Houston, but actually lives in Koh Samui in Thailand?

–       @KirkDBorne: Ever dream of learning from a PhD Astrophysicist? Then @KirkDBorne is the answer. A Principal Data Scientist at Booz-Allen Hamilton, this feed really gets into the science behind emerging technology.

–       @KDnuggets: Gregory Piatetsky was Chair at SIGKDD, Chief Scientist at two startups, and now a self-described “part time philosopher”. A respected leader in business analytics and knowledge discovery, he’s currently one of the industry’s leading influencers.

–       @sogrady: A “go-to” source on Big Data intelligence, Steve O’Grady helped found developer-focused industry analyst firm RedMonk. He’s author of “The Software Paradox – The Rise and Fall of the Software Industry”, and makes no apologies for his love of the Boston Red Sox.

–       @Sve_sic: Another respected analyst at Gartner Group, Svetlana Sicular Tweets on everything from BI and data warehousing to Hadoop and data analytics. She’s also brings real-world talk from her positions at Oracle, Visa and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

–       @MichelBallings: As an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at The University of Tennessee, Michel Ballings teaches customer analytics, with research focusing on Social Media Analytics (SMA). A well published journal author, he’s also led strategic initiatives at Vodafone and Anheuser Bush InBev.

–       @BernardMarr: A bestseller author, keynote speaker and overall industry guru, Bernard Marr explores the world of Big Data and how it will change business forever. He regularly contributes to the World Economic Forum and has been pegged by LinkedIn as one of the “World’s Top 50 Business Influencers”.

–       @TonyBaer: A highly respected analyst with Ovum, Tony Baer comments on everything from Hadoop to vintage rock. He founded the firm’s Big Data research practice and was named one of the most influential Hadoop/Big Data analysts for several years in a row.

As the list goes on and on, it’s critical to get your Twitter feed populated with expert insights now. Complex data-sets exist in almost every organization; learning to treat data as a strategic asset and extract value from it is a starting point. CenturyLink’s solutions and services for Big Data services let you quickly acquire key learnings on how to put your data to work for your business. Our data analytics workload platform and infrastructure, along with our expert data science and implementation services can deliver big data analytics and data science services from Hadoop to SAP HANA.

Big Data is by far one of the most important initiatives impacting not only IT, but also business in general. Companies that fail to jump aboard risk being left behind. At CenturyLink, we’ve learned a lot from these experts – and you can too.  The clock is ticking. Download the whitepaper “Putting Big Data to Work – 5 Key Success Factors” and request a consultation with our Big Data experts today.


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