World IPv6 Day

As you may know, today is World IPv6 Day and we are excited to participate in this “test flight” to promote the transition to IPv6.

If you are not familiar, World IPv6 Day is organized by The Internet Society (ISOC). It is a 24-hour trial to motivate Internet service providers, network operators, operating system vendors and web companies to prepare their services for IPv6 and ensure a successful transition as the world’s supply of IPv4 address space runs out.

World IPv6 day is important because all the participants will share how their network was impacted and what their customer experience was based on today’s trial. This will lead to the creation of best practices and improvements for the deployment of IPv6. The lessons learned coming out of World IPv6 Day will truly help set the stage for worldwide adoption of IPv6.

We covered the IPv6 mania in our last post and what it means to businesses. If you are interested in learning more about IPv6, here are some resources we recommend you check out:

Are you thinking about IPv6 yet? Are you participating in IPv6 world day?

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